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The Banality

A troubled small town priest attempts to council the families of two boys involved in a fatal hunting accident.


Spinnin' On This Rock

A slice of life music video, shot at Sam's Town Point in Austin, TX, for artist Ramsay Midwood.


trikon productions, farmwire records

Official Selection (Austin Revolution Film Festival)



A narrative driven music video for shaboozey's dream.

shot in los angeles and palmdale.

AVONNI Global, Republic Records



An architect working to deadline is faced with many distractions, each surpassing the last until his project no longer seems all that important. 


Feral Feelin' Blues

A self-reliant woman living in isolation encounters a feral man stalking her property. The two share a unique connection, before parting to their very separate worlds.



Shot on Super 8 film, Eduardo has a toothache and has decided to handle it "like a man": by pulling it out himself.


Kodak Super 8 Filmmaking Challenge (Finalist)