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Salton Sea (2019)


Hoping to convince his wife that a promotion across the country could change their lives, Brian takes her on a trip to a faded resort town where they once honeymooned. Here, Brian is forced to examine his own marriage, fears, and integrity. Based on the book "Salton Sea" by George McCormick.

80 minutes

In distribution by Cinema Epoch

Directed By Michael Stevantoni

Written by Michael Stevantoni and Tim Rousseau

Salton Sea Theatrical Poster 2022 Vintage Version 2.png

The Banality (2023)


The Banality tells the story of a small town and its residents in the wake of a sudden loss. “Feral Boy,” a local legend since his discovery in the woods as a child, turns up dead with no apparent explanation. Father Moss, a priest with a loose grip on the faith, attempts to counsel the forlorn couple who raised the boy. As the answers are revealed, he discovers parallels between this grisly incident and his recurring nightmares.


Starring Sherman Augustus (Stranger Things 4, Into the Badlands).

Currently in post production, premiering in 2023.

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